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Le Visiteur is a DJ, producer, blogger, influencer and in-flight content provider for British Airways. He has had his music released by Midnight Riot, Hot Digits, Spirit Soul, Armada, Spinnin’, Chop Shop, Street King, Nite Grooves, Nightfilm & MVMT. Along the way he has achieved multiple Top 10 hits on Beatport, Juno & Traxsource and millions of streams on Soundcloud and Spotify.

Le Visiteur Online celebrates the best Disco, House, Nu Disco & Chill-out from across the globe. Music that spreads love and good times. Discover more from Le Visiteur by clicking the icon above...

House Music With Love is more than just a label, a blog, a podcast series or a heart with the letters HMWL under it. House Music With Love is a organic movement, focusing on finding and telling the stories of great musicians. Whether its about releasing a great techno track on our sublabel Heartbreak Records or it is about publishing a podcast interview with a world renowned producer it all comes down to one thing: sharing the music that we love. Their story started in 2008 in the south of Sweden. They were one of the first swedish blogs focusing purely on electronic music. Since then they have grown in size and popularity and they were shortlisted among the top ten Swedish blogs three years in a row... Discover more from them by clicking the icon above...


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